How It Works!

Sellers: We have a two pronged approach which gives you the flexibility to accomplish what you need to get done!

  1. If you need to get rid of items quickly and want someone to come and pick them up and are okay with having them removed for free or even receiving a nominal sum for them then we can do that!  We partner with local liquidators and can have someone remove the items for you quickly and professionally when you need it done.
  2. If you’re really looking to get paid for that used inventory then you can create a posting on by clicking Add Listing towards the upper right side of the site and then Sign Up for Free! to create an account with the posting.  Buyers will then be able to purchase the items in the listing either through or by check.  They may send you messages with any questions about the items or logistics to your Capexed account.

***If you want to sell your items by listing them on, but don’t  feel like you have the time or inclination to do so then we can do it for you!  Please reach out to us at and one of our service specialists will reach out to get the relevant information and pictures from you and will take it from there!***

Buyers: It’s as simple as online shopping!

  1. Browse the post-renovation inventory of nearby properties for great items at steep discounts using the Category Filters on the Home Page or via the Search Bar towards the top of
  2. When you find something you’re interesting in purchasing you can “Buy It Now” and pay directly via the Pay Now button using a credit/debit card or PayPal Bank Transfer; or, if you’d prefer to pay by check, you can contact us and we can assist with the arrangements of that process.  In that case you would pay the Seller at the time of pickup and we would send the Seller an Invoice for our 15% Fee.  We recommend you can contact the seller directly with any questions about pickup logistics by clicking on the link of the seller’s name on the posting and then clicking Send Message.
  3. Please reach out via email to if you have any questions or special requests regarding the process or need assistance in any way.